Q: When can I use the visa and how often?

A: the visa can be used as soon as it is granted and is normally valid for 12 months from the date of issue, this applies to all types of visitor visa, the visas are usually multiple entry allowing for the period applied for ie up to 3 months up to 6 months and up to 12 months stays to restart on each entry although you are not able to re-enter after the anniversary of the date of issue of the grant.

Q: Do I get a visa label in my passport?

A: With the Australian evisa there is no requirement to have a label in your passport the evisa is electronically tagged to your passport.

We do provide a print off of the visa conditions for you to check and take with you incase of any queries.

Q: Can all family members travel on my visa?

A: No all foreign visitors to Australia require their own visa including children.

Q: I have booked my flight and to travel today how do I process the application?

A:  In most cases the visa will be issued, but if the grant doesn’t come through immediately you are unlikely to be able to board the plane, unless you are having a stopover we would advise you to obtain the visa prior to confirming your flight details for direct flights to Australia.

Q: Can I check the validity of my visa?

A: with the print out of the visa grant we will provide details of the Aus Immi Veevo which is the official Australian Immigration site. You can enter your grant details and confirm your status.

Q: I can’t use the visa can I get a refund?

A: The fee you pay is an application fee and is therefore none-refundable.

Q: I notice an error in the visa grant will you be able to correct this?

A: In most cases yes, provided we are notified within 7 days of the issue date after this you will be required to re-apply and pay another application fee.

Q: If I require a new passport for whatever reason can I transfer the visa from the old passport to the new passport?

A: As the evisa is electronically attached to your passport the visa will expire with the old passport, you will be required to make a new application and pay the application fee again.

Q: I have convictions am I still eligible for a visa?

A: All visitor visas are granted at the discretion of the Australian government, any person who has either a character issue or a health issue must declare the issue. There is information on our web site and a application for applicants who wish to travel.
When we receive your application and the details of your circumstances we will be able to advise you on the process and likely time line for your application.

Q: If my circumstances change whilst I am in Australia and I am unable to leave before the expiry date can I extend my visa?

A: You can apply on-shore whilst in Australia we will be able to advise and assist you through this process, the application fee will be significantly higher than a 3months evisa application and your circumstances will have to be verified.

Q: Do I require Health insurance?

A: We  advise all visitors to Australia to have adequate travel insurance, we can provide details of travel insurance at competitive rates for most types of travellers.

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