Australian Spouse Visa

Information about Australian Spouse Visa and how to apply

An Australian Spouse Visa is for a person legally married to someone in Australia. The visa can include children

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Australian Spouse Visa Application

Couples who are legally married are able to apply for a spouse visa when one of you is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The application is made up of two parts –

  • the sponsorship and (The Australian citizen or permanent resident acts as the sponsor.)
  • the visa application.

The visa can be applied for either (on-shore) in Australia or from outside Australia (off-shore) If you apply on-shore you will be entitled to a bridging visa which will have the same conditions as the visa you are applying for. This option is not available if you apply off-shore. In some circumstances, such as a long term spousal relationships or those with children, your visa may be made permanent from when granted. This is at the discretion of the Australian immigration.

Australian Spouse Visa supporting information

A range of evidence must be provided to support your spouse visa application including:

  • Your marriage certificate
  • Witness statements from family & friends confirming your relationship
  • Relationship statements from each of you
  • Joint financial/legal commitments
  • Evidence of sponsor’s employment
  • Knowledge of each other’s personal circumstances

For further information, or to submit an enquiry regarding the spouse visa, please complete our enquiry form below and one of our friendly team will contact you. Should you wish to proceed with an application for a Spousal visa, we require you to register with our company. An application pack will then be emailed out to you, including all relevant forms and a check list of requirement documents. You may complete the registration process either online or by phone.

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Australian Spouse Visa

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