Jobs In Australia

Australian Job Classifieds

Job Classifieds are one of the best places to start to look for temporary or more permanent employment. The classified job adverts are in most Australian newspapers everyday and you will find literally thousands in weekend papers editions. It’s best to be quick as lots of backpacker will be looking for the same sorts of jobs.

Australian Recruitment Agencies

Australian recruitment agencies are another great place to start looking for work, remember they earn their money by finding jobs for people so chance are they will find one for you. You will find lots of agencies all around Australia, there are some of the largest recruitment companies below.

Fruit Picking Jobs In Australia

The Harvest trail can take you from grape picking in Berri, to mango picking in Darwin, each year this can provide work for thousands of people helping to bring in the fruit and vegetable harvests. Working on The Harvest Trail gives you the opportunity to combine seasonal harvest work with travelling around Australia.

The Harvest Trail offers a way for working holiday makers to work and travel around Australia. There is of course not just one harvest trail, but many. Harvest workers can chose to circle the continent or follow the sun. They can go south from the wet tropics of far north Queensland to Tasmania’s Huon Valley or east from Western Australia’s Margaret River to the Riverina. In some locations it is possible for workers to follow seasonal activities through much of the year on a trail within kilometres of their doorstep.

For more information on fruit picking please click here.

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