Australian Prospective Marriage / Fiancé Visa

Information about Australian Prospective Marriage / Fiancé Visa and how to apply

The prospective marriage visa is intended for couples who are engaged to be married, when one them is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

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Australian Prospective Marriage / Fiancé Visa

The prospective marriage visa is intended for couples who are engaged to be married, when one them is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. There are two different parts to the application process:

  • the sponsorship (the sponsor is the Australian citizen or permanent resident involved in the relationship)
  • the visa application

Important information about the Prospective Marriage visa

  1. This visa is valid for 9 months, and you must legally marry within this time.
  2. The application is lodged off-shore (outside of Australia) but you will then be entitled to live and work in Australia during this time.
  3. Once you have become married, you may apply for your spouse visa. Your new application must be submitted before your prospective marriage visa expires.

To support your prospective marriage visa application, you must provide a variety of evidence including:

  • Evidence of your intention to marry your fiance within 9 months of your visa being approved
  • Evidence that you have physically met face to face
  • Evidence that you intend to live in a genuine married relationship
  • Witness statements from family & friends confirming your relationship
  • Relationship statements from each of you
  • Joint financial / legal commitments
  • Evidence of the sponsor’s employment

With regards to the visa, we recommend that you contact us and arrange to have a telephone consultation to discuss your eligibility and advice on the pathway and timeline for your application. Bear in mind that this visa must be used within 9 months of it being issued For further information, or to submit an enquiry regarding the prospective marriage visa, please complete our enquiry form (below) and one of our friendly team will contact you.

Australian Prospective Marriage Visa Fees:

Note that we do charge AUD 110 for the consultation and registration, the consultation may be undertaken by email correspondence if you prefer.

Initial registration / consultation fee: AUD 110 – Paid on registration

The Australian Immigration application fee: AUD 7000: Paid to Australian Immigration for the application on submitting your application.

Our Professional Fee: AUD 3000 (can be paid in two parts) GST (Goods and Services Tax) can apply

Our Professional Fee includes: After accepting your instruction to assist you through the Prospective Marriage / Fiance  visa.application process you will be assigned a named member of our team who will

  • Prepare a check list of suitable supporting information to process your application.
  • They will check through the documents prior to submission to Immigration and advise on the suitability of the supporting documentation.
  • They will prepare the presentation of the application to Australian Immigration.
  • After the application has been submitted they will be available to advise on any queries raised by Immigration.

Please note there may be additional fees to pay for:

  • Police clearance certificates
  • Health Checks
  • Documentation that requires certification

These fees will be payable directly to the agencies concerned. You will also have a spousal application to lodge after your marriage.

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Australian Prospective Marriage / Fiancé Visa

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